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PGG is a group of Specialists in Geriatric Medicine who provide comprehensive health and medical care for elders in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.   

About Us

Our Philosophy


As our population ages it is crucial to have a proactive approach to increasing patient care needs.  PGG focuses on comprehensive assessments to improve health and quality of life.   Health promotion and prevention is fundamental in preserving independence and our team of specialists work collaboratively to achieve this.  

Who We Are


Geriatricians are specialists in Geriatric Medicine who have a minimum of 5 years of post medical school training.  All of our Geriatricians are accredited in General Internal Medicine and Geriatric Medicine by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.  

What We Do


Geriatricians are medical specialists who focus on elder specific concerns including (but not limited to):  Dementia, movement disorders such as Parkinson's Disease, mobility concerns including balance and falls,  complex medical care with multiple concerns, multiple medication management including drug interactions and the changes in drug metabolism in the elderly, bone health, and functional review for safety and independence.  

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Pacific Geriatricians Group

Ph: 604-620-8784 Fx: 604-620-8724

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