Offsite Services


Home Visits


If you have been referred for a home visit with Dr. Maria Chung, our office will contact you with the details of her visit.  

Physicians wishing to refer a patient for a home visit, please indicate this on the PGG referral form. 

Fracture Liaison Service

If you have been referred after a hospitalization for a follow up regarding your Osteoporosis, you will be seen at the VGH Research Pavilion located at 828 W 10th Avenue.  When entering please use the phone in the lobby and dial 69611 (extension 2) and someone will assist you through the locked door.   For additional location information please consult the 'Falls and Fractures' page.

External Resources


Falls Prevention


If falling is a concern for you or a loved one, we recommend you consider exercises specifically designed to strengthen problem areas for the elderly.  Please see the attached link from Strategies and Actions for Independent Living (SAIL).  Note, there are three levels of exercises; video resources are posted for each.   

Home Page:

Level 1:

Level 2:

Level 3:

Information regarding Dementia


The Alzheimer`s Society offers dementia education and resources for patients and caregivers. You can self refer to their services through the First Link Program. 

Contact them through the First Link Dementia Hotline.

Province-wide: 1-800-936-6033

Lower Mainland: 604-681-8651

If you are a Physician or Nurse Practioner you can connect your patient with the Alzheimer`s Society of BC by clicking on the button below. 

Driving Safety


Decisions regarding safety to drive are made by the Office of the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles through the Road Safety BC Program. For more information visit the website

If you are a physician with concerns regarding your patients road safety refer for an assessment using the button below.

Home Care


Home supports are often a crucial part of maintaining independence and safety for seniors. Individuals or caregivers can self-refer for information and assessment.  If you have questions and are awaiting a consult at Pacific Geriatricians Group we recommend that you do not delay your assessment and connect with your local Home and Community Care Service.  You can call the number below or visit their website for more information.






North Shore


Fraser Health 


Family and Social Supports for Seniors


Information on a broad range of topics is available from the provincial government through SeniorsBC. For questions regarding Healthy Aging, Health and Safety, Financial & Legal Matters, Transportation, Caring for Seniors, Home and Community Care and Housing please visit their website

Safety Alert Systems, Identification Pendants, GPS Location Tracking

For information regarding safety alert systems for your home please visit the websites for Lifeline and  MedicAlert.